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Читаю я тут Let's Play по Dwarf Fortress, крепость Syrupleaf.
В отличие от предыдущих двух, которые я читал (Boatmurdered и Headshoots), здесь несколько меньше юмора, но больше RP - различные дворфы периодически пишут в своих дневниках о своей реакции на происходящее вокруг, своих мыслях и переживаниях. Порой даже возникает ощущение, что читаешь настоящую книгу.
Но юмор (да, это главное, что меня интересует) все же встречается. Например, одного дворфа (гравировщика, который в качестве дневника использует стены крепости) без царя в голове приняли в армию и дали стальной молот. Первое же, что он сделал - заточил его, и затем стал гоняться за другим солдатом для спарринга, разрушая все вокруг :D

I walked into the barracks for the first training session of the new year: it's the first of Granite already! Hey, all the months are named after rocks!!! I can't believe I never noticed before!!1 ha ha whoops, I engraved a one instead of an exclamation mark. Blame it on this old worn chisel of mine, diary!

Anyway, I walked into the barracks and saw my good buddy tehsid!

'Hi Tehsid!'

'You don't pronounce it with a capital T, Sirocco, how many times?!' he grumbled.

'Sorry, tehsid! I won't make the same mistake twice! HEY do you wanna spar! I've just sharpened my hammer!'

tehsid's expression was one of apprehension - but I like to think he was confusing it with enthusiasm! They are both very long words after all!!!

'I don't think you're supposed to do that,' he said. 'Maybe we could spar later? I haven't been given a weapon yet-'

'Unguard! Touchy!' I cried, leaping forward and swinging my hammer at the unsuspecting foe! You've got to take them unawares, diary! The element of surprise is ten times as terrible as an adamantine sword, that's what they said at Boatmurdered! I think it was element? Might have been something else actually. This memory of mine, ha ha ha!

'By the beard of Imketh, are you trying to kill me?!' shouted tehsid who had managed to dodge my blow (grr!!!).

'We're just SPARRING, it's not real, tehsid,' I laughed and hefted my hammer for another counteroffensive, the sharpened spike glinting in the torchlight.

I swung my hammer with all my strength, and tehsid dived into the corner (he's just like a snakeman, ha ha ha!) and my hammer smashed a bed to splinters instead.

'Oopsies! Ha ha ha, you won't tell Phrederick about that will you?' I asked, swinging Patsy towards tehsid again. OH! Did I forget to say that?! I called my hammer Patsy.

'You're INSANE!' tehsid screamed, just managing to duck my swing as it bust a new window in the barracks wall (you don't think anyone will mind, right diary? I've tried to hide it with some rope reed cloth with WALL written on it but I think the others are getting suspicious!!!).

I chased him through the door, but FlocksofMice tripped me up and took me to the jail to 'cool off' for the night. That'll be easy here in Syrupleaf, diary! Ha ha ha! That tehsid is one tactical player! But I wish he would hurry up and explain we weren't REALLY fighting! I'm running out of space on this wall and the chain's chafing a little on my leg. I hope I'm not allergic!

Oh well! It's a new experience and I'll get some cool dwarf cred after spending some 'time on the inside' so it's not all bad! Can't wait to get out of here and spar with tehsid a bit more! I think we're going to be really good friends!

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